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Joan Francés Blanc (Ζουάν[[Τζαν Φρανσές ΜπλανΜπλανκ]]) - French Jean-François Blanc (Ζαν-Φρανσουά Μπλαν), username Jfblanc, sysop at the [http://oc.wikipedia.org Occitan wikipedia][[file:Flag of Occitania (with star).svg|30px]], with over 17,000 contributions since 2005, and over 30,000 to all the wikimedia projects since 2007. I had some Greek (ancient, and modern) when a student, but it's now so far away...
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<br />[[File:Joan Francés Blanc (2013).png|120px]]<br />''Ζουάν Φρανσές Μπλαν''<br />