This is the english translation of the guidelines for wikipedia bots. Feel free to translate them to other languages also.

Bots in Greek Wikipedia should have a username that makes it clear that it is a bot, usually adding the word bot at the end, preferrably after the name of its operetor e.g. Somebot for the bot operated by user Some.

The operator of a bot should make an announcement in Βικιπαίδεια:Bots#Αιτήσεις botstatus about its operation (who is the operator, what the bot does). The bot should be tested and after its good functioning is verified and there are no objections, it should get a bot status.

When a bot is not going to be used regularly, it can stay without bot status as long as it makes less than 10 edits per day or 30 edits per week.

Bots without bot status should keep a minimum of 30 seconds between edits.