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Σελίδα metaΕπεξεργασία

meta:Grants:Project/Rapid/Article template libraries - user sandbox space organization


{{ πρόχειρο χρήστη+                     }}
{{ πρόχειρο χρήστη+ | lib = Editathon_X }} - Δήλωση βιβλιοθήκης μαραθωνίου συγγραφής
{{ πρόχειρο χρήστη+ | no_sandbox  = yes }} - Ξεκίνημα συγγραφής απ΄ευθείας σε λήμμα
{{ πρόχειρο χρήστη+ | code        = yes }} - Ξεκίνημα συγγραφής σε επεξεργαστή κώδικα  
{{ πρόχειρο χρήστη+ | custom      = yes }} - Ενεργοποίηση προτύπων σελίδων χρήστη


{{ πρόχειρο χρήστη+ | lib = Ιατρική | no_sandbox = yes }}

Πίνακας σελίδων του projectΕπεξεργασία

Πρότυπο Επεξήγηση
user sandbox+
Template:User sandbox+
(Πρότυπο:Πρόχειρο χρήστη+)
base template that detects space (i.e. main / user / user sub-sandbox), edit mode or not, and page creation origin space, and adapts functionality
  • in central sandbox of user it displays a list of sub-sandboxes of the user and gives the option to click'n'create sub-sandboxes
  • in a user sub-sandbox it gives the option to foolproof click'n'move the sandmoxed page to article space
  • in main (article) space
    • it hides itself if the host pages was originally created in user space
    • it displays in creation messagebox if the page was started directly in main space
Template:User sandbox+/doc
(Πρότυπο:User sandbox+/τεκμηρίωση))
template documentation
Template:User sandbox+/preload default page content for creation of user's main sandbox
Template:User sandbox+/create handles new page creation centrally
  • embedds help
  • adapts creation mode and functionality according to parameters given
Template:User sandbox+/new page instructions (ve) instructions during page creation, for VE
Template:User sandbox+/new page instructions (ce) instructions during page creation, for CE
Template:User sandbox+/flush page instructions to hide a sub-sandbox form central sandbox list
  • is enabled inside a sub-sandbox
  • it should be replaced by a button that makes the page a redirect, putting text on its top, using prependtext as wiki code editing is not user friendly for newbies or non-computer-literate
  • better yet, if movind a page from other spaces to user space was forbidden for non admins, sandbox (and only sandbox) page delete might be good to be allowed in user space
Template:User sandbox+/move page to article foolproof move of a user sandbox to main (article) space
  • is enabled inside a sub-sandbox
  • after move, the page is not displayed any more in the user's central sandbox list
  • leaves a redirect behind - moving a page from user space to other spaces should have the option not to leave a redirect behind
article templates
Template:Article templates/group
Template:Article templates/create page creation from library of article templates
  • if page template does not exist (is only declared) it prompts for its creation first
  • also prompts for help page creation of article template, to provide support for delayed substitution
  • merge of two templates
Template:Article templates/preload preload for article templates generation (preloads for article types)
Template:Article templates/empty page preload for creating an empty page
Template:Article templates/generic article preload for creating a generic article
Template:Article templates/generic article (codeedit) preload for creating a generic article in code editor
  • code editor is enabled with code=yes parameter in {{user sandbox+}}
Template:Article templates/libraries/preload preload for libraries generation
Template:Article templates/libraries/main main library
Template:Article templates/libraries/user palette preload preload for generating user custom palette of article templates
Template:Article templates/libraries/user available list displays list of available templates to be used in user's palette

includes user's custom page templates.

Template:Collapse-mobile collapsible functionality, original from meta, without show/hide that diplays well in mobiles, even if always expanded
Template:Help-collapsible collapsible help functionality, supporting nested help levels
Template:Smallbox-mobile tiny message box, for inline use, that does not hide in mobile view
Template:Invisible smallbox-mobile, which is only visible in user space
  • used to display inline messages while the page is still a sandbox, i.e. end of article, so newbies do not modify functional section headers (i.e. References) to use as content section headers.
οπτική βοήθεια
Template:Key press library to display keyboards buttons and combinations
Template:Visual edit library for displaying visual elements for help. not optically optimized (i.e. exact colors)
χρήσιμες σελίδες mediawiki
MediaWiki:Sandboxlink-preload-pagename select default sandbox while creating user's sabdbox.
  • if page content = Template:User sandbox+/preload then user sandbox+ becomes the default user's sandbox.
  • options for selecting sandbox type can be provided inside for future reference
MediaWiki:Sandboxlink-editintro-pagename message to display while user's sandbox is being created.
MediaWiki:Sandboxlink-editnotice-pagename message to display while user's sandbox is being edited.
  • options for selecting sandbox type can be provided for reference.

Template:Article templates/libraries/XXXXΕπεξεργασία

Template:Article templates/XXXXΕπεξεργασία