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This template is used to produce an inline link to a portal or portals, with an asterisk. Usually, {{Portal}} is used to create such a link. However, stubs and small articles may not be able to accommodate such bulky templates.


* {{portal-inline|Name}}

The size of the image can be reduced by passing |size=tiny among the parameters.


Within articles, this template is meant to be placed at the bottom of the article in the See also section.


The portal image defaults to one that is specified in Template:Portal/Images/PortalName for the portal, or a generic image. There is a list of all such images. Have in mind that the "PortalName" variable should only have an upper case letter at the first word, the second and later words should be written in lower case, regardless of how is the name of the portal actually written. For example, Portal:Buenos Aires is written with two capital letters, but the subpage to host the image is Template:Portal/Images/Buenos aires, with only one capital letter.


The name of the portal.
specify |size=tiny to show a 16x16 image instead of the usual size.


* {{Portal-inline|Fungi}}


* {{Portal-inline|size=tiny|Fungi}}


See alsoΕπεξεργασία