I've shooed all darkness away from my life
And now it's empty. Soon
Seven demons will come to take hold of the vacant dreams

Together we'll have parties, we'll get drunk
We'll caress the thighs of spurious girls
And drive around in limousines with no headlights

It'll be fun, we'll crave for truth and when we get
Glimpses of it, we'll exclaim: "How interesting!"
And move on

We'll never be alone at night poisoned corpses
Amassing in our bed; serendipity follows a good show
As death follows undeath

Such a rush as the train reaches some penultimate station
Rushing by tumultuous puzzle pieces that could have been mine
But which I will never get to share with sin or strife

And my precious demons, for
I have shooed all darkness away from my life

The Perfect Moment

Wishing different does not make different

I am he who hides behind waves of greatness
Breath me in, I smell of absinthe, A third of the people already dead and you can’t love me
I smell of tales “Why, Constantine, did you not keep your promise?”
I smell of the potency of golden Pharaos never open the door you’ll never escape the odour

These are my cuffs; I burned them down in Babylon to carve a
Tetragrammaton under the auspices of the matinee

“How will you keep your promise now, Constantine?”

Smell me, mother, and you will know immateriality
First you lose your breath, then you become it
Sniff around my ears, I built them under a bridge
It falls every time a train passes
We rebuild it with crysanthema and autumn leaves but they look like ears

Until a horse with two riders gallops over
Sweeping away dust like a
Maypole of memories that do not matter
Are you happy now?
Well, do you want to be?
Balaam keeps on asking the

Wrong questions to this people

Of no consequence – or texture for that matter

“I loved you, Constantine, but only when you kept your promises”
I love this kind of love, the
Killing kind. Your kill, Mr Gordias, was a bloody knot
Yet you did not care to let me stay

Six feet under – underground

Stop teasing me, your thighs are beautiful
Like the days I would dream of them
Now I can feel them around me as we ride

It takes wits to fail the grave

no more

We’ve stopped next to an arch in the Imperial Fora
To catch a breath. I’ve caught it as it

left you. No one tells me apart from

The sculptures in the moonlight

You are comely, my sister,
Smell me, feel the flesh of the Myrmidons in me
A billion ants make me up, relentless
In their quest for justice and a hole to build
When all they need is love

I came, I found, I conquered you

Just as I conquered the world
By not using it to the full
—Not that it would let me

Would you let me touch you? … No
So be it. All this phlegm for nothing
You think the birds are talking to you?
You are deader than me

You wanted to buy a home in Babylon

But they sold you a tomb
“Off plan, great location. Comes cheap. A bargain, really.”

“You left me alone, Constantine”
Yes, so you can laugh your boneless laugh
You sent us all away, first your daughter, then us
It should have made you proud
Beamed up into the future just to check the fashion trends,
Rather memorable, a view of the rotten sun
We lay on the beach your red bikini in flames
And then, puff, it’s gone
What a random unstable future; let’s go on
We’re almost there.

And time is running out, so is your smile
You know the truth now
And that’s what sets me free
Go to the mother who’s always caved in for you
Long have you roved about dreaming of home
You are there now; finish it

“I have kept my promise
“This is my dusty plaque you’re standing on
“Do not remember me for my love
“Remember me for my horse and armour.”