Born in 1974, Greece.

Live and work in London.

In my free time i run a small noise record label "The 7.17 From West Wittering Is Late Again".

Apart from that, i try to create a historic archive for Proodeutiki Toumpa (Προοδευτικη Τουμπας), a small football club that plays in the non-leagues of Thessaloniki since 1952 and is run by people from the Anarchist/AntiAuthoritarian movement of the city at the moment. Thus, i also have a Fanzine/blog under the name (sorry for the greek) "Ο Aldo Moro ηταν η αρχη, θα υπαρξει και συνεχεια μαλακα διατητη", which deals with our beloved Proo.

When i finish with all that, i concentrate on whether Spurs will ever have a cleen-sheet or when Sir Geoffrey Boycott will mention the uncovered pitches.